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Bs-Best-Of-2013This year has featured some articles, that have inspired, motivated, and intrigued professionals from across the country. I’m so proud of these articles that I’ve compiled a Best of 2013 list, just for you!

Take a look back with me – you just may find some useful advice or information you didn’t notice the first time.


Hungry or desperate? How to tell the difference

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Back when I was a recruiter, many CEOs told me they were looking for “hunger” in a sales rep or sales leader. I prefer to use the word “eager” as the ideal, and “desperate” as the more extreme version of hungry.  If you are wading through candidates to fill your current vacancy, you will probably more »

Test your approach to tasks and projects to increase your success

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Which approach is better for projects and important tasks? Do you prefer moving fast and focusing on bottom-line results or moving slowly and meticulously checking everything as you go? If you have multiple projects going is the bottom line what matters most or is the process the key indicator of your success. Find out your more »


Three Tips To Work From Home Productively

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Whether you are at home job hunting, working remotely a few days per week or working full time from your home office, there are definite “best practices” when it comes to being productive from home. Teach yourself to ignore domestic duties. While you may have “rules” that have served you in life prior to working more »


What’s the best way to help someone who is stuck?

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Do you have a friend or loved one who is stuck in a dead-end relationship, in a horrible job or living a life far beneath their potential? Perhaps  you wish this person would just wake-up, realize that they have the power to change their life, and then start living a much better one? Sometimes we can more »


How do You Want Your 2013 to Look?

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Sometimes we over-complicate simple tasks with expectations that the setting must be perfect to accomplish the task at hand.  While it’s nice to take time away to reflect and plan ahead it’s not always possible. Much can be accomplished from stopping your work and taking 20 minutes to complete an exercise that sharpens and aligns your focus.  Click more »


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