Leadership & Career Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Leading in today’s environment is increasingly complex and challenging. Having a highly experienced professional coach as your advocate accelerates your success on all levels.

Leaders Who Hire Brenda:

  • Learn how to navigate the new normal of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity or “VUCA.”
  • Become more confident, authentic and direct in their communication.
  • Get a fresh look at their team strengths and challenges.
  • Put together a team development plan that is aligned with the leader’s goals & values for the organization.
  • Improve accountability by becoming better coaches themselves.
  • Increase effectiveness areas impacting performance such as: Talent Acquisition, Team Meetings, Time Management, Stress Management and Dealing with Difficult People.



You want more. You expect more. Maybe change is inevitable…but which direction is best? For some reason, you no longer feel engaged, challenged, energized or fulfilled. Maybe it was a change at work; a merger, a bit of burnout or change at home. Whatever the cause you now want your professional choices to be more rewarding and meaningful because you know that work should be an extension of your values.

Professionals who hire Brenda:

  • Can finally make clear-headed, strategic decisions about career direction.
  • Improve interview skills and learn how to navigate promotions or a job change. 
  • Learn to activate and nurture a professional network—for the remainder of their career.
  • Improve their ability to deal with the complexities of their industry and today’s uniquely stressful work environment.
  • Gain an authentic form of confidence and learn to exploit their strengths.
  • Get traction on that high-level job search and find a more meaningful lane.  

Book Brenda for Team Development at your organization

Brenda’s workshops and break-out sessions inspire participants to organize their thinking differently when it comes to stress, productivity, goal setting, vision, taking action, personal leadership and creating a functional team that gets results.