4 Ways to Save Your Year—Or Make it Even Better!

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4-ways-to-save-your-yearMany businesses are reporting having their best year in the past four or five years and are outpacing most of their competition. That is great news—but if this does not describe your business it’s not too late. You have 84 days left to save your year and sometimes a bit of a “deadline realization” can be a great thing. Here are four tips to finish the year strong:

  1. Remove nostalgia from the concept of time- Believe it or not this year will be over in exactly 84 days. Yes, it still feels like summer and time does fly by so fast– but the reality is that from a business perspective there is a finite period of time to make things happen.
  1. Make ONE dramatic change for the sake of productivity-Hire an assistant, or a nanny or a professional organizer or install that software you know you need. Pick one, dramatic change to impact your long-term productivity and do it now.
  1. Scrutinize your time spending-Life is way too short to be wasting time doing something because you have always done it. Now is a great time to really look at what you do, when and why. If your newfound productivity requires you to postpone lower level priorities to “strike while the iron it hot” than do it.
  1. Plan to succeed-with such a short, finite period of time planning is an excellent time-investment to make. Pause and make a solid plan for your success. Get very specific about goals, outcomes and to-dos and encourage yourself to complete them. Put the plan in writing and print it out so that you can see it, refer to it and track your progress.

 Tell us what step you are going to take before the end of the year, post it in the comments below.

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