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You are here because we have never had a session together and you are considering hiring a coach to help you move your career forward. Be sure to choose a time when you have privacy and quiet (not driving or in a café) and of course good phone reception. Our time together will be completely focused on you. At the end of our call I will take two minutes to tell you my rates and explain how I work with clients. Easy!

Please read this please before booking your session:

Which one are you?


who feel overwhelmed, burned-out and trapped by their circumstances—yet want to seriously consider a career change—or at least explore their options. I use my business knowledge and experience as a former recruiter to help my individual clients organize their thinking, have profound realizations and see the possibilities for a more meaningful career without sacrificing their hard-earned income or their soul.


who are hungry for a new approach to managing their time, team and the stress of having way too-much-to-do. I use assessments, coaching exercises and strategies to help my corporate clients remember their strengths, step-up their leadership game and re-energize their career. The work we do together is designed to improve communication, teamwork, vision and results.


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