Q: Why are coaching sessions held over the phone instead of in person?

A: We have found that our clients achieve faster, deeper access to the resourceful, problem solving center of their brain when they are completely ALONE and do not have the distraction of someone watching them think. We have been conditioned that face-to-face is best, and in many cases this is true! In person meetings are important in situations where social cues, personal rapport, entertainment or healing is an objective. But, with coaching, it is those very things that can slow down the coaching process. Coaching clients must be free focus only on their own thoughts, feelings and intuition. The ideal environment for our clients is alone, free from distractions or interruptions and with a good, hands free, phone connection. The one exception is group coaching because part of the power of group coaching is in the other members of the group.

Q: Will I be expected to sign a long-term coaching contract?

A: We don’t believe in locking clients into long term coaching commitments. You should get results in the first session and every session thereafter. We suggest that our clients start with 12 sessions and go from there. Many of our clients love the momentum created during those first 12 sessions and choose to continue working with us, but the duration of coaching is always client driven.

Q: Will coaching sessions motivate me to do what I need to do and hold me accountable?

A:  We will not kick your ass. Sorry. Many of our clients start out asking for exactly this request. But, here’s the thing: the key to the life you want is NOT a matter of discipline, no matter how complex the resistance is. Really! The key to what you want is precisely what you hire us to help you figure out, and we do this very, very well. If you want your ass kicked you can find a cheaper, more accessible coach—but you may find the resolve does not last.

Q: Do you also offer life coaching?

A:  We love business, business people and the business world. Our primary focus is and always will be business—career, entrepreneurs & leadership. Your life will be an integral part of our work together as long as the underlying work you are doing is focused on your work and life purpose. We love life coaches – heck we have life coaches – but we are not life coaches.

Q: I don’t feel I’m at my best these days. Should I pull myself together before working with you?

A: We know that you are not yourself right now. Stress changes who we are. It changes what we see, how we see things and activates the LEAST resourceful part of our brain in addition to adding stressful hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to our systems. We will help you move out of that stress mode, quickly. Then, the problem-solving part of your brain will take over and you will think we are geniuses.