Welcome to my client scheduling page.

If you are a current client of mine, please select a session below to book a virtual session or an in person session with me.

Please choose a time where you will be free of distractions, interruptions or background noise so you can focus on your session. The process is finished when you get a confirmation and you see the option to add this meeting to your calendar.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual phone sessions are still the preferred method for professional coaching. A quiet, private call is often the best way for you to organize your thinking rather than having someone looking at you for a response to an important question. Also, for efficiency sake and for our out-of-area clients you will find many more booking options available virtually.

In Person Sessions

If you live in Denver and would like to book an in-person session, please use the calendar below.

If you and I have not met before let’s start off with a sample session first. 

Contact Us

Send me an email, and I will be sure to get back to you a soon as I can. I look forward to speaking with you soon.