How do You Want Your 2013 to Look?

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Sometimes we over-complicate simple tasks with expectations that the setting must be perfect to accomplish the task at hand.  While it’s nice to take time away to reflect and plan ahead it’s not always possible. Much can be accomplished from stopping your work and taking 20 minutes to complete an exercise that sharpens and aligns your focus.
Click the image below for the exercise.  Please save the workbook to your computer, and open on your desktop before typing into it or you can print it out.

CoachingAssignmentCoaching Assignment:  

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize your most desired outcome for 2013 as if it were already true. Stay with that one image and make it as detailed as you can in your mind. Zoom in on your face, and how (happy, elated, relieved, relaxed) you look when this most desired outcome has come to reality. Repeat as often as needed until reality matches, or exceeds that image.   

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When the Economy Changes… I’m Outta’ Here” by Pamela Jett.

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Every manager should read this book because it is a quick read and has excellent advice about the language we use without even thinking. I don’t know if the economy will ever change, but employee retention is an issue right now and this book helps managers who may lose good people unnecessarily.

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