Three Tips To Work From Home Productively

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Whether you are new to working remotely or have been doing it awhile there definite “best practices” when it comes to being productive from home. 

Here are my 3 Tips for being productive when working from home

1. Teach yourself to ignore domestic duties.

While you may have “rules” that have served you in life prior to working from home—like never leave a dish in the sink, or always cut the grass before it grows above an inch high—these sorts of things must be ignored while you work, if you want to succeed. If you just can’t bring yourself to bend these rules, then you can “treat” yourself to the pleasure of doing the domestic task after a certain amount of productivity. But die-hard home office types will tell you to simply pretend like it’s not there and get your work day finished.

2. Set yourself up for success ASAP.

Where your office is located in your home, how much privacy you have and other environmental factors should be addressed in order to give you the best possible chance for success. For example, putting your office in your bedroom may sound like a good idea at first but will likely keep you up at night. Being in the basement might work, but make sure that it’s not too depressing for you down there, and that you have the proper access to outlets and any supplies you may need.

3. Block out distractions during important calls or when up against deadlines.

This might include making a sign for your door that says Conference Call in Progress (or GO AWAY! I AM WORKING!), sequestering your pets (there is nothing more distracting to those you are remotely connected to, than a barking dog), and getting some childcare* for your kids. Everyone will benefit from you actually getting to work during your workday. 

* Yes! it is alarming that your kids are home because school is closed—but your babysitters are home from college and school too. Unless you are quarantined this may be a good time to keep a local kid employed so you can focus. 


Coaching assignment 

Common wisdom dictates that you set a schedule and stick to it, but I find this outdated advice actually brings out the most powerful rebellion and procrastination in my clients (and myself). Instead, try really paying attention to when you feel your best at work and the most productive. Change your schedule as much as your job will allow so that you can honor your own brain energy and best productivity. 

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