Below you will find FREE assessments I have created for my clients. Each one works on a different aspect including the topics of your work style preferences, how ready you are for a career change, how you manage your time and how you score on the motherhood-guilt scale.

The Stressessment

The Stressessment

This quick assessment is designed to help you look at five of your life categories and not only see where your stress may be but also might help you notice where you are doing really well (which is very good for your brain).

The Work Mode Assessment

Understanding your approach to tasks and projects can help make you more efficient, effective and, ultimately, more successful. – This assessment takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

Career Change Readiness Quiz

Though the prospect of a new start is refreshing don’t forget the fundamentals of having an eye-catching and current resume, writing a great cover letter, brushing up on your interview skills, and most of all presenting yourself as the complete package! Before you take that leap, take this quick quiz to make sure you are completely prepared.

Career Confidence Assessment

Authentic Career Confidence Assessment

Take the 6 P’s of Career Confidence Assessment to find out which categories are strengths and where your CONFIDENCE opportunities lie.

Time IQ Quiz

Most professionals report feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out by competing priorities, and—at least occasionally—frazzled and unclear about the best direction to take on a project. Professional burnout is at an all-time high, causing people to feel exhausted, cynical, and ineffective both at home and work. But there is hope. If you are ready—take a deep breath and focus on you, your brain, and your Time IQ.

Guilt Trip Quiz for Moms

Guilt is the go-to emotion for most moms. Moms feel guilty at work when they are away from their children. They feel guilty when they are away from work, spending time with their kids.They feel guilty for not earning enough or earning more than someone else, for working too much, for not working enough… You get the idea. Guilt, Guilt, Guilt! Take this 55-minuteQuiz and Take the Off-Ramp to End Your Guilt Trip.