Executive & Leadership Coaching

Are you a successful leader looking to reach new heights in your leadership abilities?

You are in the right place! Our Executive & Leadership Coaching Program is designed to unlock your untapped potential and help you become the best version of yourself.

Executive & Leadership Coaching Program

Executive and Leadership clients engage with Brenda because they may be looking to increase productivity, improve relationships with their staff, or have greater overall job satisfaction.

Brenda’s 6-month coaching program covers a range of essential topics such as enhancing accountability, optimizing meetings, elevating team productivity, fine-tuning feedback strategies, mastering delegation, and adeptly managing through periods of change.

Sessions are customized to the specific needs and preferences of leaders and business owners, ensuring they receive personalized guidance tailored to their skill levels and desired areas of focus.

Leadership Coaching Benefits

Brenda expertise combined with your commitment to personal development will result in elevated leadership performance and unrivaled success.

Improve Self Knowledge

Improve Self Knowledge

  • Explore with top quality Assessments
  • Create your stress management tool kit
  • Improve your work relationships and skill at managing-up
  • Explore your blind spots and obstacles
  • Utilize brain science to propel you forward
  • Learn your career superpower ©
Improve Your Leadership Strategy

Improve Your Leadership Strategy

  • Devise your Leadership Strategic Plan ©
  • Create career development plans for each direct report
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Streamline communication
  • Improve collaboration
  • Activate goal setting and bottom-line results
Improve Your Leadership Foundations

Improve Your Leadership Foundations

  • Improve meeting effectiveness and learning environments
  • Develop your thought leadership
  • Maximize time management and focus
  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making strategy
  • Streamline talent search and onboarding
  • Align leadership and team priorities

What Is Included In Your Coaching Program

Throughout the program, you will embark on a personalized coaching journey that is built upon trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of your goals. Brenda will work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and create a roadmap towards achieving results.

Top Notch Testing and Assessments

You will receive testing and a debrief on at least two scientifically validated assessments. Brenda holds certifications in Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, DiSC, Emergenetics and Birkman Method.

Access to Proprietary Models and a Proven Process

Brenda’s expertise is leadership and executive coaching—not life coaching! But her number one goal is to change your life by making your work-work better. Brenda’s models and processes are designed to get you the fastest and best results aligned with your specific needs and wants.

12 Hours of Coaching

These coaching sessions over the next 6 months provide you with the support you need to succeed. Plus unlimited email access to her during their coaching program as well as no charge 15-minute laser sessions to help with key decisions and offer negotiations.

Custom Coaching Binder

A custom binder to keep your coaching notes and profiles as well as books, articles, videos, and any tools that might assist you in your success.

Client self-scheduling online portal

Streamline your coaching experience with our convenient client self-scheduling online portal, allowing you to book your coaching sessions effortlessly and with ease.

Professional Development Strategies

Including a 360 leadership assessments to help you solicit important feedback from your key stakeholders as well as access to the latest business and growth mindset leadership materials for today's work environment.

Access to any public seminar/webinar Brenda offers

You will have a complimentary pass to any public workshops offered by Brenda during your program. These informative and engaging sessions cover a wide range of topics, from personal development and productivity to leadership and team management.

Introductions to Brenda’s network/resources

Brenda will often make introductions to relevant professionals in our network to match you with the right people who can help contribute to your career advancement.

Improve Visibility & Reputation

Whether you own the company or navigating your career, you probably need to work on your thought leadership. Brenda will help you devise a plan that features your strengths and helps your visibility, reputation and impact on the business.

Are you ready to become a more impactful and influential leader?

Join our coaching program and embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth that will revolutionize the way you lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is designed to heal wounds or trauma while coaching is designed to help people change habits and behaviors. You may be interested to know that about 35% of Brenda’s clients see a licensed mental health professional as well as working with her in a coaching program. The two modalities work very well together.

Your sessions are 60 minutes long. You get to decide the rhythm of your coaching. Most coach twice a month but you can coach weekly if you wish—probably wise not to go longer than three weeks between sessions.

You will be in good company. 90% of Brenda’s clients have never worked with a coach before. You have made a big decision and you are in rare company so consider using this time to really stretch your habits and maximize your coaching time.

Your determination is admirable! By taking the time to read this, you are already showing a commitment to growth and success. With effective coaching, you can achieve a remarkable boost in your productivity and enhance your relationships with your colleagues, leading to a more harmonious and efficient workplace. Furthermore, coaching can help you find a greater sense of satisfaction in your work, leading to a more fulfilling and rewarding experience. By investing in yourself with coaching, you are taking a crucial step towards realizing your full potential. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and watch as you soar to new heights of success and happiness!

Leadership Assessments

We use scientifically validated assessments that empower leaders and their teams to gain a deep understanding of their inherent strengths. 

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