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Recently I have found myself grappling with an internal conflict. As you may guess, my clients are professionals who are incredibly busy, often stressed, and occasionally burned-out or overwhelmed.

On the one hand, I wish this whole health crisis never happened. Absolutely. On the other hand, I cannot stop myself from seeing certain benefits that could arise in the long term for our work culture once things return to “normal.” Aside from the economic recovery, we are all counting on, I believe we can individually and collectively identify some of the good that came from this uninvited crisis.

Check out how this impacts YOU.


Coaching Assignment

Take a few minutes to consider one, big behavioral habit you want to retain once things return to “normal.” Fill in the blank to these sentences:

Once things return to normal I will no longer ____________________________________________(example: multitask around my kids, drive or fly when I could do a virtual meeting). This will impact my life positively because ____________________________________________.

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