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I love assessments in a deep and meaningful way. What could be better than to learn about ourselves and inspire change from within? I use both scientifically validated tests that require certification to use, as well as some I have created myself for my clients to use. 

Below is the list of the assessments I have created. They are free and can be taken as many times as you wish. Feel free to share the link with friends and family. With each one, you can download your results and they will come to your inbox as well. And please know, we will never sell or share your information with anyone—gross!

Time IQ Quiz

Our most popular. Try to be alert while taking it because it is designed to teach and assess at the same time. 

Allow 10 minutes. 

Take The Time IQ Quiz

The Stressessment

Hundreds of my audience members have taken this assessment to help figure out where their stress is actually coming from.

Allow 5 minutes or less. 

Take The Stressement

The Work Mode Assessment

This was my very first assessment. Are you a results-focused person or a process-focused person? It really helps to know before embarking on a project or working with a new team member. 

Allow 2 minutes. 

Take The Work Mode Assessment

Authentic Career Confidence Assessment

Confidence is a word that comes up a lot in Executive Coaching. Sometimes we have a mistaken idea of what it takes to be a little more confident and sometimes we do things that impact our reputation at work—which affects our confidence. 

Allow 5 minutes.

Take the Authentic Career Confidence Assessment

Career Change Readiness Quiz

It’s one thing to want to make change but another thing entirely to understand what you are getting into if you want to change careers. 

Allow 5 minutes.

Take the Career Change Readiness Quiz

Guilt Quiz for Moms and Caretakers

As a mother I know first-hand how deep the GUILT can run in our heads. This quiz will show you how to combat this by breaking down the things we do to make it worse—or better. 

Allow 2 minutes.

Take the Guilt Quiz for Moms and Caretakers

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