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Brenda’s professional speaking approach is confidently different. Her past experience speaking for 13 years worldwide coupled now with her leading credentials in the coaching profession allow her to create an atmosphere of experiential learning where the participants are the central focus. Brenda uses content that is highly relevant to today’s workforce and designs her programs to engage teams both with their own brain power and with their co-workers as well.


Today's professional workforce is in desperate need of 3 important skills:

  1. Conquering overwhelm in order to prioritize their ever-growing task list.
  2. Improved understanding and communication with their co-workers and team.
  3. Self-reflection and self-understanding as a path to understanding others.

Each of Brenda’s programs addresses these three critical elements as well as the latest brain science and research to support the content she brings to the group. All of Brenda’s programs are interactive, customized as well as practical and relevant to today’s workforce.

Team Development Programs


How to Be a Better Leader Part 1

How to Be a Better Leader Part 1

How to Be a Better Leader Part 2

How to Be a Better Leader Part 2


Becoming a Better Remote Leader

Mindfulness for Busy People

Mindfulness for Busy People

Enhance Any Workshop

With One Of These Powerful Assessments






Discovering Your Personal Formula for a Happier, More Successful Career and Life

Mission, Vision & Action

Clarity and Confidence for your Best 2016!

Time Rehab

Don’t manage your time – Rehab It!

Five to Thrive

An accelerated GOAL achievement method for busy professionals. forget about S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and instead, use your subconscious mind to your advantage.

The Work of Leaders

In this interactive workshop participants will learn to move the concept of leadership from an ethereal concept to a practical, tangible that can be measured and improved.

Team Building Program

Featuring the ED DiSC Workplace Assessment and Report—plus ED.Com membership. The purpose of this workshop is to deepen the team experience of the business.

Mindfulness For Busy People

If you are ready to feel like you have more control over your life and work especially ready to live a life that is of much more of your choosing then this workshop is for you.

What Our Workshop Participants Say

  • I appreciated the opportunity to learn some valuable tips for my career development and advancement as well as the chance to meet other people and practice my networking.  I realize how far I have come and thank you for helping me to see my career in a whole new light.

    Attendee/Team Leader
  • Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful workshop on Confidence for Women! I got so much out of it! And the EQ Test is so right on, it's scary! So many helpful tips.

  • Brenda’s  workshop was enlightening and educational! It helped me by unlocking my potential, and making me look at my professional and personal challenges in new ways. By emphasizing attaining small improvements first to build momentum, I realize it will lead to larger changes!

    Reboot Workshop, Lynette Phernetton
  • I found Brenda’s workshop informative and realistic! I realized that I need to SLOW down and take step back. I am encouraged to prioritize my life.

    Reboot Workshop, Brooklyn O’Hare
  • Brenda gave me manageable tools, which were simply explained. I realized that I need to keep things chunked down into smaller bites.

    Reboot Workshop, Nancy Zevely
  • Having done years of work with a life coach; Brenda’s session acted as a reminder for me to focus on the positive by focusing on small changes and not jumping into big ones.

    Reboot Workshop, Sue Zuby
  • Brenda’s workshop was motivating and uplifting. A must-do for everyone!

    Reboot Workshop, Jennifer Schumacher
  • Brenda helps you to slow down and really think about what you want, then she helps you develop the steps you need to get it!

    2014 Goals Workshop, Nicole Gunther
  • Because of Brenda’s workshop, I now take the time to pause every day to think about my goals both consciously and subconsciously.

    2014 Goals Workshop, Malov Van Eijk
  • Brenda gave me applicable tools I need to make both business and personal plans! I am very thankful!

    2014 Goals Workshop, Shauna Forde

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