Time Rehab

  • Half-day workshop with Brenda Abdilla
  • The TIME IQ assessment (free) – Each participant will take this assessment before the workshop, and they will bring their report to the meeting.


In today’s fast-paced and information-overloaded world, time management has become a critical skill for personal and professional success. The Time Rehab Workshop is a transformative 3-hour program designed for team members from all backgrounds. In this workshop, we will introduce a cutting-edge time management model, explore the seven essential keys to managing time effectively, and address key challenges like electronic workspace, email overload, interruptions, and the fascinating neuroscience behind time and stress management.

  • A modern and effective time management model tailored to today’s challenges.
  • Understanding and application of the seven keys to effective time management.
  • Strategies to overcome electronic workspace, email, and interruption challenges.
  • Insights into the neuroscience of time management and stress management.
  • A personalized action plan to enhance time management skills.

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