The Highly Engaged Leader

  • Half day workshop with Brenda Abdilla 
  • Optional 30-minute guest expert (virtually) to answer our specific HR Questions


Effective leadership isn’t just about making decisions and setting the course. It’s about being fully engaged with your team, understanding their needs, and having the right conversations at the right time. The Highly Engaged Leader Workshop is a dynamic 3-hour program designed for leaders at all levels. This workshop will empower you with the tools and insights needed to become a highly engaged leader who drives success through effective communication, stress management, and strategic planning.

  • An understanding of the crucial role leaders play in team engagement and success.
  • Insight into personal communication habits and areas for improvement.
  • Strategies for recognizing and managing leadership stress.
  • Enhanced communication skills for various types of important conversations.
  • A personalized Strategic Leadership Plan to guide your leadership journey.

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Leadership Assessments

We use scientifically validated assessments that empower leaders and their teams to gain a deep understanding of their inherent strengths.