Are you a good risk for your network to refer?

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Everyone seems to be talking about the almighty NETWORK. If you think about it—having a network is of little use unless your network is working for you and what that really boils down to is referral business. A great network can refer you essential resources—saving you precious time and money; can help solve your complex problems by giving you sound advice and best practices– and of course—send you new business or connections for that promotions or new job you deeply desire which can help you leap to places you never dreamed. Great referrals are the lifeblood of any business growth or desired career move.

Are you Impeccable?

The simple question is this… Are you a good risk for your network to refer?

Is your follow-through impeccable and your service or delivery among the very best?  If you want your network to work for you impeccability is the standard because by referring you a person, who may have a powerful network at their fingertips, is actually risking their own impeccable reputation. If you are inconsistent in your service or talk too much about yourself or have no boundaries are desperate or are never on-time you are probably not going to get the really good referrals.

If you are concerned about the amount or level of referral business, or referrals for great jobs from your network take some time to reflect on the standard of your service or product or professional reputation within your network. I can think of several experts, for instance, who I would use for my business but not refer out because they are too quirky or inconsistent in their delivery for me to risk my reputation and refer them out. If you suspect this is happening with you ask someone you respect for some honest feedback and see where improvements can be made. Don’t spend a lot of time in regret—instead look forward. While you may not be able to change the minds of your past network– it is never too late to improve your level of service and impeccability for your current and future connections.

“My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.”  Oscar Wilde

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