Getting Behind? It’s Time for a Power Day!

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The end of any month can be like a mini-new year in that you get a chance to make a fresh start. If you are overwhelmed with tasks and your inbox is flooding but you have no time to catch up because you are in constant meetings, then I have a solution for you…
In a nutshell: The Power Day is a productivity strategy where you look ahead and block a whole day to do nothing but execute on tasks, special projects, or cleaning and clearing your physical or electronic space—or all of the above.

The Secrets of the Power Day—it’s all in the set-up


  1. Look ahead in your schedule and block out a full day way ahead of time. This is a day where you will accept no meetings, no conference calls or webinars, no meals with others, and where you will not take part in child pick-up, family time or event attendance. You are a work ninja on this day. The idea is to have no obligations other than taking action on tasks at work for an extended period of time.
  2. Try to pick a day that is not “at risk” for work emergencies by considering your industry and work culture. It might have to be a Saturday or a Sunday.. If not, then be sure to book out as far out as needed to set yourself up for success. Arrange extra childcare, move meetings, etc.
  3. If you are doing your Power Day at the office during a work day, be sure to put out a sign that tells people you are not available—lock the door if necessary. If appropriate, wear jeans or big headphones—this will help you stay out of impromptu meetings.
  4. Bring snacks, coffee, lunch, favorite music, etc. so that you have no excuse to leave your office other than bathroom breaks.


Once all of the above is in place, the only thing left to do is execute on tasks.

Your Power Day can push you ahead on big projects that require critical thinking or on deleting 35,000 emails from your inbox. You can use it to clear your desk, organize your files, make lists, and finish what you start. Your brain will be in focus-heaven and will reward you with wonderful “happy chemicals” to reinforce this behavior.


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