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Many highly productive people tend to have sharp minds and take pride in their “mental” organizational skills. They say, “I have it all up here,” and point to their heads. I admit I am one of these people. But because of the massive amount of information coming at us every day and the number of random thoughts generated by that information, it is simply not wise to keep it all in our heads. Here’s why:

Our Brains Aren’t Designed to Remember Things.

If you wake up in the night with work stress or your to-do list running through your head, it may be because you are misusing your brain. Your brain has the capacity to re-work your entire work strategy and come up with the creative answers you need to life’s most complicated problems. But it cannot perform that task if you are using it as a notepad instead of a launchpad.

Get it out of your head.

It’s time to reduce the amount of information floating around in your head and form the habit of creating capture points (also known as buckets, downloads, list locations, etc.) for the items that you would like to accomplish or remember. 

Take a moment now to think of the 1-5 physical locations in which you can capture information, and commit to keeping those lists somewhere handy outside of your head. Then, within a very short period of time, you will notice your brain working much harder for you and doing what it was designed to do-THINK!


Every day we consume a whopping 34GB of information. Add to that the 50,000 thoughts we generate each day, and it becomes clear that we’re not up to the task of managing information from memory alone — we need to find a way of outsourcing this task. Source Article – Human Brains Aren’t Designed to Remember Things.


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