Can You Make Yourself Irresistible to Buyers?

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If you have tried everything, what strategies are left to get more business, get higher margins, or do a better job of retaining business you already have on the table? The answer is simple: make yourself irresistible. But doing that is not easy, and it requires more than most reps are willing to do. Most companies are simply lowering prices or piling on the buying incentives to remain competitive. Doing this might result in more sales but it could also do irreparable damage to your future business. And if you plan to still be here when others are gone, you are going to want pricing aligned with profit—remember profit?

Becoming irresistible in three steps

  1. Listen hard. This means letting go of your usual approach and simply listening without the intense focus on closing. Ask great questions and don’t just seem interested—be interested.
  2. Think about each individual buyer’s pain. Whether your prospect is a large company, an individual, or a group, take time to think about their pains and do something to genuinely help them. Get them a lead, send them an article, or join their association. Help them.
  3. Present only customized solutions. Being irresistible means being specific, not general. If you know their pain and you listen to their needs, you will be able to commit to a specific recommendation and you will be able to back up your reasoning. Trying to sell “everything” is a serious mistake in a tough market. Be specific and clear about your reasoning.

If you add some targeted buying incentives to this equation, you can actually add value and build business for the future instead of seeming desperate.

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