What is the one thing your clients really want?

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Everyone is busy. Your clients are busy, your vendors are busy, and you are really, really busy. In all of this busy-ness it is easy to lose sight of what really counts-that one thing that could really set you apart from your competitors: delivering on the result that your clients really, really want. That one thing they hunger for the very most. Take time to focus on this and don’t worry about how it relates to your product or what you offer.

But what is that ONE thing?

Well, that is the fun part of the exercise-figuring it out. If you came up with answers such as “profit,” “more money,” etc., you are probably basing your answer on typical assumptions. Try to go a little deeper. Change your framework a bit and move away from thoughts about your product and instead think about your clients, their lives, their businesses and their current stressors. As you get in the mindset of your clients think about the obstacles and complications they face. Once you have that picture in mind it will be much easier to think about the ONE thing that they really, really want.

Now help them get it!

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.”
H.E. Luccock

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