6 Tips to Improve Brand YOU

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If you are looking to get promoted this year, start a business or just be wildly successful at your job, you might want to take stock of “you” as a brand.

You cannot fake your way to success (not for long, anyway). What you think you are hiding will show eventually. Sure, you might make it all the way to the final interview, but at the eleventh hour, the hiring manager or CEO may get a sense that something is not quite right—and then you are done.

Our brilliant brains can sense when something is amiss in others. The idea is not to hide certain aspects of yourself, but to work at removing the corrosion of stress to reveal your true, authentic self—not a stressed-out, resentful, exhausted version of you.

Here Are My 6 Tips To Help You Improve Brand YOU

1. Emotional Intelligence—Get Some

Being emotional does not make you weak–it makes you human. Your every action, thought, and belief in your brain is preceded by an emotion. Emotionally intelligent people recognize their emotions and can better communicate, problem-solve, assert themselves (without attacking), and can even control their impulses. People who don’t know their own emotions don’t do as well in society. With conscious effort, nearly anyone can improve their intuitive intelligence about how to deal with others. Start by paying much closer attention to people. You might be amazed at what you missed in the past.

2. Mental Health—The Baggage We Carry

There is no shame in having some professional or personal baggage. We all have some. I highly recommend six or eight sessions with a licensed, mental health professional if you suspect you are carrying some emotional baggage. It’s a necessity—not a luxury—if you are going to put yourself out there for a big career change or if you are hoping to get promoted. About 35% of my clients get some therapy along with their coaching which can double the effectiveness of coaching.

3. Anger Management—You Are Not Alone

If you suspect you might have some issues with anger, see Mental Health above. Seriously, unchecked anger in today’s litigious environment can be a career ender. Also, we can tell. If you think that simmering frustration, impatience and judgment of others is hidden–it is not. Plus living in a state of frustration and unchecked pressure is bad for your health.

4. Physical Health & Fitness—The Best Drug On The Market

It’s when you don’t have the time to work out or attend to the medical needs that you need it the most. The easy payback for even a few weeks of a solid fitness routine is that you will be more clear-headed, clear-eyed and vibrant. This is no time to martyr yourself by skipping workouts or putting off important doctor visits. Being healthy and physically fit will add to your confidence.

5. Sleep—Get More

About 90% of my clients are dealing with sleep issues at the start of our work. There are an abundance of excellent blogs, articles and remedies for improving sleep; do yourself a favor and figure out what works for you—ideally drug free. Your brain needs the re-set that comes from 7+ hours of sleep. Plus, sleep impacts perspective, and we all know that perspective is everything.

6. Wardrobe And Appearance

For the sake of brevity here, I would like to remind you of a concept called the Halo-Effect. Basically, people who look nice and appear professional get more attention, job offers and positive responses from others for no other apparent reason. Yes, your brilliant skills matter—but not if you look like you slept in your clothes! Take some time to clean up your office, take regular showers and be intentional about your look–it matters.

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