What is your next brilliant career move?

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Are you feeling stuck in your career search and not getting any bites or feel stuck in a job that is sucking the life out of you? Learn how to block out all of the fear and negativity you are hearing and use your experience, your strengths and your QUIRKS to find work you love.

Here are some helpful tips that could tip the scale in your favor.

  1. Question what you THINK you know about an industry, job title or what the hiring managers are looking for. Nine times out of ten your information is outdated, from an untrustworthy source or influenced by your temporary lack of confidence. Stop focusing on why you are not a fit. Look closer, pick up the phone or dive-in.
  2. Embrace your age. Young people are afraid they don’t have enough experience and older candidates think they are competing with younger folk. This may be true but your age is your age. If you are youngish you need to be eager, committed and focused (and not flakey with follow-through). If you are oldish you need to be vibrant, resourceful and truly passionate about how you fit in (and not bitter about your last job/s). Your age is a strength because it is an indisputable fact about you.
  3. Decide what you want to be. Our culture tells people to be open to “whatever they can get.” That is not really how it works—at all. No one wants to hire someone who is desperate and settling for “what they can get.” Employers want your heart and soul—no matter the job. Take time to explore and decide what you WANT to be, do and have and then how that role can be a reality in the business world. If that answer turns out to use your past experience and expertise you already have things will move rather quickly. If, on the other hand, you are trying to make a big change it is going to take time to convince the market that you are worth the risk.
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