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      You feel unsatisfied and often burned-out. A bit trapped. You want more. You know it’s time for a change but don’t want to risk that hard earned income and don’t know where to begin.

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      Leaders who are ready to get re-focused on productive conversations, powerful time management and better decision making, love working with Brenda. Upgrade professional skills and the way you lead.

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      DiSC, Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Birkman, 360 Evaluation, Sales Style, Work of Leaders, Work Mode Assessment & EQ Leadership. We offer the best of the best assessments.

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    Brenda’s workshops and break-out sessions inspire participants to organize their thinking differently when it comes to stress, productivity, goal setting, vision, taking action, personal leadership and creating a functional team that gets results.

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    This is right on. Understanding buying styles and adapting my style to the customers buying style is something I will continue to learn and work on becoming better everyday.
    Sales Manager


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  • Time Management

    How To Go From Novice To Ninja With Your Time Management

    I choose career as a focus for my work because we spend so much time and energy at work that how we feel about our work tends to impact our lives in a big way. In my view, the single most important variable that impacts how we feel about work is our relationship with time. […]

  • Dominate Your Device

    Are you the boss of your technology? How many times a day do you interact with your device? It’s probably A LOT more than you realize… Perhaps it’s time to give it some thought – or better yet try out the suggestion I give you in the video – and determine whether you are using […]

  • Copy of power day

    How To Have A Power Day

    The Power Day is by far the most popular idea I share with my clients—though I have to give credit to my husband for inventing it when our son was a baby and we were both juggling big jobs, family and a big life. The Power Day is a productivity strategy to be used when […]