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      You feel unsatisfied and often burned-out. A bit trapped. You want more. You know it’s time for a change but don’t want to risk that hard earned income and don’t know where to begin.

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      Leaders who are ready to get re-focused on productive conversations, powerful time management and better decision making, love working with Brenda. Upgrade professional skills and the way you lead.

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      DiSC, Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Birkman, 360 Evaluation, Sales Style, Work of Leaders, Work Mode Assessment & EQ Leadership. We offer the best of the best assessments.

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    Brenda’s workshops and break-out sessions inspire participants to organize their thinking differently when it comes to stress, productivity, goal setting, vision, taking action, personal leadership and creating a functional team that gets results.

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    Every manager in America should experience what I did. Brenda excels in giving you practical and theoretical tools for effective managing. After a few weeks, Brenda’s training program will have you looking inward as to who you are… as a professional… and as a person.
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Latest Coaching Minute

  • How to Manage Your Message at Work

    Don’t listen to your brother-in-law when it comes to advice on how to share and discuss sensitive information at work. You have the power to help people know what to think about you instead of letting them come to their own whacky, scary, inaccurate conclusions about you. This week’s video is for anyone who works […]

  • The #1 Career Search Myth

    Find out which Career Search myth drives me the most BONKERS as a Career Coach. This myth is one you will hear from relatives, co-workers and strangers on the bus—but it’s not true. Watch this week’s coaching minute to find out what the myth is and what to do instead.

  • 3 Quick Tips for Stress Brain

    We’ve all been there…everything is going smoothly and BAM something happens that makes you go Grrrrr!! What do you do? Well, we were not meant to sit and stew (which most of us do) – watch this quick 2 min video with 3 strategies on what you can implement, right now, to minimize stress brain […]