Using your brain to build your self-respect in 4 easy steps

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Self-esteem is great. Self-confidence even better. But self-respect is the crown jewel of feeling good about numero uno.

Here are four steps to building your self-respect using your amazing brain.

Step 1. Decide it.

Choose a task—any task, and decide what actions you must take to accomplish that task. Big or small. Doesn’t matter.

Step 2. Doubt it.

Before you proceed—on even the smallest task—decide if you should really be doing this. If it is a yes then proceed to step 3. If no, then figure out how to say no and off load that task ASAP.

Step 3. Do it.

Proceed with your action step as usual but this time be sure to really be present while you complete the task. The moment you finish a task move quickly to step 4.

Step 4. DWELL on it.

Instead of moving to the next task or allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by what else you have to do—stop and reflect on your completed task no matter how small it was. As you dwell on the task completed the reward center of your brain will provide you with some great feeling chemicals which in turn encourage guess what? More accomplishment.

So, here is the synopsis of the way it works. You decide to do something. Then question it to make sure you should be doing it. Then do it and NOTICE that you did it. Your brain rewards you and encourages you to do more stuff and then rewards you more. What a great cycle!

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