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Are you feeling a little lackluster, blasé, or just a bit worn down by the grind at work? If so, those feelings are perfectly normal. The past few years have been challenging in the business world, and sometimes it can just wear a person down.

When the usual tactics aren’t working.

If you have already changed up your routine, attended a seminar, or phoned a friend in an attempt to boost your enthusiasm, and you are still feeling disinterested in your work, then it might mean that you need to dig deeper.

Try reaching for something meaningful.

Yes, I said meaningful.

Go work in a local soup kitchen this weekend, send a surprise gift to a needy relative or call your child’s teacher and offer to volunteer for a half-day and then do it.

Pick something that has meaning to you.

This isn’t a perspective exercise as much as it is an awakening exercise. Routine work tasks combined with stress and pressure can have a numbing effect on you over time. But, on the other hand, doing something truly meaningful to you can create a much-needed spark. Plus, it feels great.

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