The Seduction of the Shortcut Won’t Get You There

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Making change doable

So you are looking to double your income? Be able to spend more time with your family? Change the culture of your company? If you truly desire to make a big change in life, then don’t believe the propaganda about there being just one secret step to get there. In reality, any major leap requires changes in about 3-5 very focused areas of behavior. I know, NOT SEXY, right? Every aspect of our brain wants the answer to be just one, BIG thing—one method or secret and then, wham! Total success. Current social culture feeds our brain’s desire to have that one clear path to success as evidenced by the “guru of the moment” theme that permeates the internet.

Look closer at any success and you will see the real path

If you have ever talked at length to anyone who has actually changed their company culture or found a way to double their income, you will realize that the change was created by a number of key areas of focus. To test the theory, keep this in mind the next time you talk with someone who has lost a lot of weight. Notice what they say when you ask them how they did it. The first answer will be something along the lines of the one BIG thing. They might say, “I cut out carbs,” but then they will likely continue sharing other key elements in the story, such as, “Also, I realized I was not eating any greens, so now I eat vegetables like six times a day. Plus, I started walking with my neighbor and I work with a trainer a few times weekly now. And, I really changed my habits when eating in restaurants. I used to just order whatever I felt like eating. Now I pick a salad and close the menu.” The real path is not a one-answer secret but a series of important tweaks and changes.

If you are ready to make a real and lasting change in an area of important to your work and life, make a list of the three or four or probably five things that are going to be your key areas of focus. Then make a plan and a strategy for succeeding at those five things.


If you take shortcuts, you get cut short. Gary Busey


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