The Road To Leadership HELL Is Paved With Good Intentions

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So, let’s talk about leadership blind spots… even though you don’t really have one, of course—or so you think. But that is why they call it a “blind spot,” right? You don’t see it.

I prefer to look at things from a perspective of intentions. Oftentimes our habits and actions come from a place of good intention—yet what comes across to others is something else entirely.

Questions for leaders:

Does any description below seem familiar?

How would your team describe you?

If you had to choose one description—which one describes you at your worst?

Well-intentioned Leadership Approach

Blind Spot– What the Team Might Experience

Look Ma, I’m Hands Off
the intention is to build independent work teams and let people learn and grow on their own.
  • often seen as hiding from people and conflict
  • seems like he/she doesn’t really care about team
  • neglects to address key issues
Command Control Major Tom
the intention here is to inspire a high standard of work at every level. The goal is perfection.
  • tells people what to do regardless of task level
  • can seem manipulative
  • seems to not trust anyone
Peaceful Pacifist
this leader wants people to like her/him and wants the team to respect and care for each other.
  • completely conflict avoidant
  • sometimes passively aggressive and indirect when the situation calls for directness
  • doesn’t defend team or anyone’s position—ever
Big Sexy Visionary
the intention here is to get everyone seeing the future, to think outside of the box and see the possibilities they are not yet seeing.
  • can seem out of touch with reality
  • timing and intensity of ideas can be disruptive to the process
  • makes people feel like they lack creativity
El Presidente
this leader wants/demands greatness and excellence from all people.
  • this approach often creates fear and intimidation among the ranks
  • drastic changes can make the atmosphere seem volatile
  • inspires compliance vs. collaboration
The Boy/Girl Genius
this leader cannot help but use their immense cerebral capacity to improve the business and the processes of the company/division.
  • often overcomplicates and over processes, making meetings excruciating
  • no tangible benefit comes from all of the processing
  • slows down progress


So, what’s a leader to do?

Most of us get into trouble when we behave without awareness. If you find yourself on this list, you might consider getting some solid feedback from the team on your leadership impact (with a 360 evaluation). In the meantime, reflect on your intention and come up with some ideas about how you can align your behavior a bit more with your true intentions.

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