How To Make A BIG Decision

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If people did not have to make big decisions, professional coaches would hardly have anything to do.

I find that when life presents us with a big decision, and it feels like a struggle then one of two things are at play:

You’ve already made the decision, but it feels wrong.

Good decisions can feel scary, exciting and daunting but they never feel wrong or bad. Some areas to further indicate you are not on the right track with this decision is that you might feel defensive, secretive or catch yourself rationalizing. It might sound something like, “Well I can’t expect to find a perfect culture, I mean every company cheats a little and I need this money for my kid’s college!” Being an adult is complicated. But things almost always get worse when we ignore our gut knowledge.

You are not asking yourself the right questions.

Stress tends to make us think in terms of all or nothing. If you are struggling with a BIG decision, there is a really good chance that the question you are asking is not the right question at all. For example:

  • Do I quit my job, or stay?
  • Do I sell my company and look for a job, or keep trying?
  • Should I buy a new house?

Expand your view and ask better questions:

Write out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Where will my strengths be utilized the most?
  2. What are the lessons I have learned so far in life that apply to this situation?
  3. What do I really want in my life at this age and stage?
  4. What values (deep beliefs) are the most important to me here?

Decisions practically make themselves when good questions are asked.

“Asking The Right Questions Can Literally Transform Your Life.” Anthony Robbins

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