Do you have a great life? If not, do one of these five things….

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Whoever said that people never change was wrong—and was probably having a bad day. People change all the time, and they do so in meaningful, tangible ways. People who have great lives often can attribute their success to one or all of the following, five things.

If you want a great life, pick ONE of these five things and do it with commitment:

  1. Go to a therapist. There is no shame in needing some help with what is quite possibly the most important long-term aspect of your overall well-being—your mental health. If you have a persistent issue or traumatic memories you need help with, or are just feeling stuck, stuck, stuck… find a good therapist and get to work.
  2. De-clutter your life. Hire a babysitter so you can work alone, or give your family the heads-up that it is time for everyone to help de-clutter and get to it. Clean your desk, your files, your car, your garage, the basement. Yes, it will be much harder than you think, and once you dive in, you won’t easily get out—but it will change your life and the “weight”you feel about your life…as soon as it’s done.
  3. Read a self-help book. Pick the category of the most pressing need in your life (e.g., relationship, nutrition, health, depression, career) and read the reviews or get recommendations from people you trust on which book is best. Then set an alarm for an hour each day and read it—or clear your schedule on a Saturday and get through it. You need quality reading time; trying to tackle it around bed time is not a great strategy.
  4. Hire a coach or expert. Hey, I am not just saying this because I am a coach. We all need help from time to time. When I was struggling to finish my book I hired a publishing coach. I have also had a personal trainer and business coach for the better part of 15 years. It works!
  5. Forgive someone. You know the thing…the one thing that does not deserve your forgiveness? Yep, that’s the one. It sounds trite, but it’s true: forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. If you need help with this item, see items 1-4 above.

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”
Erma Bombeck

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