Executive & Leadership Coaching for the Already-Successful Leader

Executive and Leadership clients engage me because they want to grow and thrive in their current role and improve their decision-making process, manage time better, improve success within their specialty area or rise to meet the challenges of new or elevated role. Each leader comes away from coaching with a strategy for assessing the team and influencing behaviors in an authentic way. Topic areas include: clearer accountability, improved meetings, team productivity and feedback strategies, delegation and managing through change to name a few. Leaders & Business Owners are met at their skill level and sessions are customized to their specific needs and topic choices.

Expected Results:

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Increase in productivity.
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Improvement with direct report relationships.
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Greater job satisfaction.

The Manchester Study

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You May Be Thinking …

There is so much going on right now that it feels nearly impossible to set priorities.

Things move pretty fast around here, and I know I should be doing more of the developmental work with my team like regular one-on-ones, career development and taking time to plan and develop my own thought leadership.

I am ready to have someone who is unbiased and not a key stakeholder to give me some outside perspective.

It’s Time!

Below are the areas you and Brenda will tackle along with any current challenges you are facing.

Improve Self Knowledge

  • Explore with top quality Assessments
  • Create your stress management tool kit
  • Improve your work relationships and skill at managing-up
  • Explore your blind spots and obstacles
  • Utilize brain science to propel you forward
  • Learn your career superpower ©

Improve Your Leadership Strategy

  • Devise your Leadership Strategic Plan ©
  • Create career development plans for each direct report
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Streamline communication
  • Improve collaboration
  • Activate goal setting and bottom-line results

Improve Your Leadership Foundations

  • Improve meeting effectiveness and learning environments
  • Develop your thought leadership
  • Maximize time management and focus
  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making strategy
  • Streamline talent search and onboarding
  • Align leadership and team priorities

What is included in your 6-month coaching program

scientifically validated assessments

Two scientifically validated assessments

proprietary assessments and models

Access to proprietary assessments and models

Management Momentum binder

Custom Management Momentum binder

Unlimited email access to Brenda

Unlimited email access to Brenda


Client self-scheduling online portal


Weekly professional development materials


Access to any public seminar/webinar Brenda offers


Introductions to Brenda’s network/resources


Review of recent assessments, resume, relevant documents

Choose One Of These Special Add Ons:

  • Upgrade one assessment to a 360 evaluation (EQ or DiSC)
  • Upgrade one assessment to a qualitative 360
    (up to 5 of your team members/supervisor)

Brenda’s assessment certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Coaching And Therapy?

Therapy is designed to heal wounds or trauma while coaching is designed to help people change habits and behaviors. You may be interested to know that about 35% of Brenda’s clients see a licensed mental health professional as well as working with her in a coaching program. The two modalities work very well together.

What If I Have Never Worked with A Coach Before?

You will be in good company. 90% of Brenda’s clients have never worked with a coach before. You have made a big decision and you are in rare company so consider using this time to really stretch your habits and maximize your coaching time.

How Many Sessions Do I Need In A 6-Month Period?

Your six-month program has 10 hours of coaching. Your sessions are 60 minutes long. You get to decide the rhythm of your coaching. Most coach twice a month but you can coach weekly if you wish—probably wise not to go longer than three weeks between sessions.

What Results Can I Expect?

If you are reading this there is an excellent chance that you are ready to work and get results. We know this because we take a pass on potential clients who feel victimized by life and who do not take responsibility for their own outcomes. But not to worry if you feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed—we’ve got your back. 90% of Brenda’s clients get promoted, land the role they want or improve their key leadership outcomes.

What Clients Are Saying..

  • Life is at full speed.  Definitely lots of Momentum. Business is great. I recommend you often to friends and colleagues and will let you know when there is an opportunity for your help.  You helped me and continue to work on my  goal to have a series of speeches to appeal to many audiences – perhaps it will turn into a book.  You are my inspiration.  You are excellent coach.

    VP Sales/Hospitality
  • Brenda has guided me with invaluable conversation leading to vision clarity, self validation and magical synchronicity of steps to ensure realization of my life goals!

    Director of Key Accounts
  • Brenda truly created a non-threatening environment for me, and made it extremely easy for my thoughts and ideas to flow. I never felt self conscious or inhibited. I walked away from our session feeling energized and more engaged with what I want in my life and in my business than ever before. The ideas and thoughts she was able to bring out of me have elevated my self confidence and I now know that my future holds no boundaries.

    Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Brenda has guided me with invaluable conversation leading to vision clarity, self validation and magical synchronicity of steps to ensure realization of my life goals!

    Director of Key Accounts
  • What makes Brenda’s coaching style different, is that she not only takes the verbally stated goals into consideration, but in addition, she is so good at listening for the other things that I was able to improve on and hold accountability for my part on improving as well.

    Medical Educator
  • Working with Brenda has been nothing short of outstanding. Not only is her guidance right-on-the money, but her style couldn’t be more enjoyable. It’s a special professional that can defuse the dread in a job search…Brenda has really helped.

  • Working with Brenda has changed my life! Her expertise, passion and energy are truly inspiring. Through various coaching exercises I gained valuable insight and more awareness to my leadership style. I worked through Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Profile and my defined my Goals and Vision. This provided me a newfound direction, confidence and clarity, which ultimately enhanced my value to my team and to my organization. I feel empowered with wisdom and gained a lifetime of experience through working with Brenda in only months.

    VP Sales
  • Brenda is an indispensable extension of our team. She acts as sales coach for each of our salespeople, and she has helped me too! All this, and Brenda is a light, a delight, a gem of a gal. Lucky us!

    Wendy O’Donovan Phillips Big Buzz
  • Brenda was my executive coach for over a year. I started working with Brenda right after coming back from maternity leave and was settling into my new role as a VP. The range of tactics and insights she provided were invaluable and made incredible differences in my working style as well as among my team members. I am forever grateful for her encouragement, honesty, patience and enthusiasm that allowed me to excel in areas I never knew possible. In addition, she helped me understand my core values as a leader and helped me shape my role in a very succinct and powerful way that has made impacts not only at work but in my personal life as well. Bottom line - Brenda freaking ROCKS

    EVP/ Marketing Agency
  • I engaged with Brenda as my leadership coach a few years ago when I made the decision to focus on growing my consulting company. Running a company and being an entrepreneur can be extremely isolating. You don't have access to the leadership development resources available in large corporations. Brenda has been invaluable in helping me navigate business growth while developing my leadership style. I am more confident in my own capabilities and direction and my business is thriving as a result.

    Owner/CEO Technical Strategy

About Brenda

Brenda Abdilla is a respected and sought-after career and leadership coach. She works with corporate leaders who want more effective strategies for team accountability and collaboration, and with professionals who are navigating a change in their high-level careers. More than 90% of Brenda’s coaching clients get promoted, land the role they desire, or address their core issue within 12 months of engaging Brenda.

Brenda’s new book, Outsmarting Crazytown: A Business Novel About How Derailed Professionals Can Get Back On Track, (Indie Books, 2020) is Brenda’s second career-centric book. Outsmarting Crazytown hit the Amazon bestseller list for new releases in career. She is also the author of: What’s Your Lane: Career Clarity for Moms Who Want to Work a Little, A lot, or Not at All (2013), and serves as the professional facilitator for two Denver-based Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) groups.

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