The Highly Engaged Leader

The advancement in leadership skills that all leaders need in today’s evolving workforce

A Two-Hour Virtual Program with Author/PCC Executive Coach, Brenda Abdilla

Do you remember your first leadership role? Chances are, you were promoted into leadership because you excelled at your individual role. It probably didn’t take long either to find out that leading a team is much different from leading yourself.

Eventually, you learn the ropes, just like anything else. You start to assert yourself as the “authority,” you learn how to navigate all the complexities of your new role, and in turn, you start to develop some semblance of a team!
But, what’s next? How do you become that “next-level” leader?

You could always look to the next person in power, but to be honest with you—all leaders of all levels are going to have to rethink and reimagine their roles after the transformation that took place in our workforce in 2020.

BECOME The Highly Engaged Leader:

At Management Momentum, our experience and success has taught us one key thing about leadership that always proves to be true:

Leader engagement = Team success

A leader knows what their top priorities are.

A leader understands that their hands-on involvement in their team makes all the difference.

A leader uses their strengths to impact results and detects their weaknesses as they arise.

A leader is a force that ignites an entire team’s energy and work ethic.

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A simple solution in a complicated world—the more a leader is able to tap into their authenticity and strengths, and lead from a clear set of vision and values, the more natural and “easy” it will feel to lead. 

It’s time for your team to be less siloed and more committed to each other’s success. 

It’s time that the members of your team were more responsible, accountable, and self-motivated.

It’s time for you to unlock the natural force that every leader has.

The Highly Engaged Leader Overview

Participants Will Advance These Highly Effective Leadership Skills

  • Knowing top priorities and setting strategies in place 
  • Delegating smarter 
  • Hosting highly productive meetings
  • Exploring career development for team
  • Implementing intentional communication
  • Implementing emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Avoiding team (and self) burnout
  • Knowing your true strengths
  • Finding your authentic style
  • Leading UP
  • When to coach vs. discipline
  • Discovering your unique leverage
  • Uncovering your leadership blind spot


Register for the two-hour virtual program, The Highly Engaged Leader here.

When: Thursday, February 18th, 2021 @ 9 am MST

Cost: $79 per leader

This program will include pre-work + handouts, recorded video replay, and a copy of Brenda’s new book Outsmarting CrazyTown.

View Workshop Outline

The Highly Engaged Leader Workshop Outline

+ Note This Is A Condensed Program. Come Ready To Work For Two Hours

  1. Introductions.
  2. Why leaders get disconnected or disengaged.
  3. The Goldsmith Change Model.
  4. Team vision, values and priorities.
  5. Team capabilities assessment.
  6. Team communication assessment and discussion.
  7. Case studies work on delegation, discipline and engagement.
  8. Leader self-assessment.
  9. Leader plan for action.

Are you in charge of training at your company?

The Highly Engaged Leader is customizable to your team. The internal program is a minimum of 6 hours of training and a maximum of one year. The internal program includes pre-work, homework after each module, and group coaching.
Email Brenda, to set up an informational meeting.

Your Facilitator Brenda Abdilla

Brenda Abdilla

Brenda Abdilla, founder and CEO of Management Momentum

Since founding Management Momentum in 2004, Abdilla has developed a wide portfolio of options for clients who want to navigate career-changes and job promotions, increase productivity, improve leadership skills and remove obstacles in the way of moving forward. Through coaching, workshops, programs and assessments, she helps clients reach their desired outcomes sooner rather than later. More than 90% of Brenda’s coaching clients get promoted, land the role they desire, or address their core issues within 12 months of engaging Brenda. Learn More About Brenda Here.

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