Used by millions of people worldwide,The Birkman Method is the only personality-assessment tool that reaches beyond behaviors to unravel the “DNA” underpinning workplace satisfaction, career choice and productivity.

The Birkman Method is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment identifying behavioral styles, motivations, expectations, and stress behaviors. This assessment provides an integrated, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive analysis that often eliminates the need for multiple assessments. It also provides a wide range of non-clinical applications for measuring human behavior and occupational strengths via a series of related report formats that facilitate team building, executive coaching, hiring, leadership development, career counseling, interpersonal conflict resolution, and other applications.

Birkman Package with Brenda Abdilla

The Birkman assessment package includes taking the online questionnaire, a comprehensive report, and a 60-90 minute one-on-one consultation on the phone (Denver residents may request an in-person de-briefing). Plus you will received tabbed, color version of your report for your further professional development.

During your one-on-one de-briefing we will discuss such aspects of your personality as your relationship with authority, communication style, response to incentives, ability to deal with change, and the triggers for stress that can derail you. By explaining how these factors fit together and work off each other you will understand why some work environments will be better suited for you than others.

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