A Guided Self Exploration Series to Free You From Corporate Chaos

Everything about the corporate world is complex and full speed. This may seem viable when speaking in terms of “place” but definitely not when speaking in terms of people. You are not built to operate how the corporate system runs—or, as we like to call it—CrazyTown.

There are four keys to outsmarting this notorious “town” and granting yourself permission to succeed without sacrificing your personal freedom. In the video web series below, Author and Career Leadership Coach Brenda Abdilla invites you to settle in as she gives the guided tour to conquering CrazyTown.

This web series is in connection with Brenda’s new book, Outsmarting Crazy Town, a business novel teaching derailed professionals how to get back on track.

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Find a solution to your work burnout and baggage in 15 minutes by joining Brenda live as she reveals a couple of key strategies from her book that will unlock the answers you need to let go of work stress, pressure, and doubt.

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In 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to actually talk about yourself in a way that is both logical and data-driven but also illustrative and compelling for the interviewer. Understand your career superpower and seal the deal with your dream employer.

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Whether you are contemplating a total career shift or you’re just beginning to consider a shift as a viable option, Brenda can help you understand your “career compass” and lead you on the route to fulfillment and career restoration.

Watch the Live Replay 

Everyone has an obvious tendency that’s disliked by the masses, including you. The funny part about these tendencies is we’re able to call out everyone else’s but not our own. Allow Brenda to help you see how others may see you by participating in this 15-minute blind spot exercise.

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OUTSMARTING CRAZYTOWN A Business Novel About How Derailed Professionals Can Get Back On Track.

There Are Four Keys To Outsmarting This Notorious “Town” And Granting Yourself Permission To Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Personal Freedom. Author And Career Leadership Coach Brenda Abdilla Invites You To Settle In As She Gives The Guided Tour To Conquering CrazyTown.