A map for the human personality

If you have not experienced the Enneagram—you are in for a treat!

Find out why organizations like the US Postal Service, The CIA, Motorola and Stanford’s MBA Program all use the Enneagram in their protocol.

We use the Enneagram in a workshop format, team and leadership training and one-to-one coaching.


  • If you haven’t heard of the Enneagram (eny-a-gram) you will be glad you did. It is one of the most powerful and insightful pieces of information you will learn about your way of thinking and your unique view of the world.
  • Once you know your type you will be able to immediate recognize the inner patterns that drive your behavior so you can change them if you choose.
  • Know your path to personal and professional growth by learning your type’s inner intelligence and true motivations.
  • You will understand yourself and others in a way you have not before—participants find this is especially useful for professional growth as well as dealing with teenagers and family members.
  • Identify innate leadership strengths using the psychological model which is also used by the US Postal Service, The CIA, Motorola, Stanford’s MBA program and more.

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