May 9th, 2019 @ 9:00 MST

Class Fee: $25 
Class introductions start at 9:00 am sharp. The “doors” open five minutes before class. We will have a 10-minute Q&A section after the session ends.

Attend this workshop before you download another app that promises to revolutionize your to-dos, your time management and your life.

You’ll need more information about your wiring before you choose any more solutions. That is why I created this program for my uber-busy clients who are leading teams, running businesses and have BIG lives.

I understand how overwhelming it can all be in spite of our best intentions to “manage it all.” Together we will rehab your approach to time and provide a different framework for you to use from this point forward.

Beforehand you will be asked to take my TIME IQ Test so that we can see exactly where you are already doing a great job–and of course what needs work. I have condensed this 2.5 hour workshop down to 45 time-saving minutes.

“I was so inspired by your time management workshop. I think it’s brilliant and got so much out of it even though it was just 45 minutes.  I am feeling so much better and less “overwhelmed.”
– Kathrine/Investor Oil & Gas


  • Find out your TIME IQ and which of the six areas you need work
  • How to get control over your electronic work-space
  • How stress-brain directly impacts your ability to get stuff done
  • Learn how your values are directly connected to how you manage time
  • Apply the NEW Time Rehab model to your life
  • Choose from 8 different strategies to implement
  • What to do with competing priorities

 “I really related to not having a sustainable program when we did the 5-year outlook exercise and also when I load up my brain with too many open loops, it keeps me from accomplishing anything. Thank you.”
– William/Mechanical Engineer


Your host

Corporate Career Coach and Author—Brenda Abdilla PCC

Brenda is a highly experienced coach, facilitator, speaker and author with a long track record working with individuals and teams to increase their leadership effectiveness, and professional career results. She is the CEO of Management Momentum, based in Denver, and she also works as a key member of the coaching and training team for Well-Connected Leader, based in California and runs the Executive Coach department for Powers Resource Center. Brenda is the facilitator/chair of a Denver chapter of the Woman Presidents’ Organization.


May 9, 2019 @ 9:00 MST
45 minutes

$25 class fee. Includes the TIME IQ ASSESSMENT
Limited seating for this class.
Only registered participants will be sent access to the taped version of the program after the workshop.

  • Price: $25.00
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