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5 reasons to join us


Busting Self Sabotage– put a stop to those disappointing setbacks using neuroscience and psychology. Dr. Carrie Johannsson will help us overcome this habit of setting ourselves back from our progress.


Taming the Imposter Within– learn how to redirect that critical, mean-girl in your head and redirect that nasty talk into productivity and confidence.


Managing Tough Relationships at Work– Learn about Appreciative Inquiry and how this can change how you relate to others at work managing up, with peers, and with your team.


Build Your Professional Network-come and connect with a group of women you can actually relate to. Your network is your career insurance!


Come and check out this new, fabulous women-centric, women-owned shared office space near 9th and Colorado Blvd.

The event fee is $25

There is nothing more powerful than a smart group of women learning together and connecting.

Your Hosts

Brenda Abdilla

Brenda Abdilla, PCC

Since founding Management Momentum in 2004, Abdilla has developed a wide portfolio of options for clients who want to navigate career-changes and job promotions, increase productivity, improve leadership skills and remove obstacles in the way of moving forward.

Dr. Carrie

Dr Carrie works with teams, corporate audiences and dedicated individuals, helping them to learn how to skillfully navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. She teaches self-empowerment using evidence-based treatments to affect change, diminish trauma, and manage anxiety, with an end result of a more meaningful and enjoyable personal and professional life. Her work helps organizations to combine the latest developments in psychology with easy-to-implement strategies to improve team performance.